Learner Registration: 03 April 2024 – 30 Sept 2024



  • To allow teaching and learning on the first day.
  • To assist schools to plan better.
  • To avoid long queues next year.
  • To assist parents to plan early for their children for the following year e.g. budget for school fees, uniforms, books, etc

    • Parents must return application form to the school.
    • Parents with unsuccessful application must seek space at alternative schools.

Undocumented children; should be registered provisionally if required documents are not readily available and give parents a maximum of 12 months after registration to submit them.3.

Documents needed for admission

    1. Birth certificate or certified copy of or acceptable proof of birth date (a baptismal certificate is not acceptable);
    2. Proof of residence;
      • Immunisation card (for all primary school learners)
      • Study permits for legal immigrants;
      • Transfer card and last report card for learners already in school.

  • Schools must inform parents about the outcome of application – successful and unsuccessful.
  • Schools must inform parents with unsuccessful applications about relevant offices for alternative placement / learner registration hubs.
  • Circuit managers must assist parents with alternative placement.
  • Schools must register undocumented children provisionally if required documents are not readily available, and give parents a maximum of 12 months after registration to submit them.


Director: IDS
Dr M. Mojafi:
Tel.: (018) 389-8102// 064 752 3875
Ngaka Modiri Molema District:
Mr D. Ntlabathi,
Tel.: (018) 388-1960// 082 882 5158
e-mail: dntlabathi@nwpg.gov.za
Dr Kenneth Kaunda District:
Mr B. Monale:
Tel.: (018) 299-8299 / 083 675 1353
e-mail: bmonale@nwpg.gov.za
Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District:
Ms M.V. Dithejane:
Tel.: (053) 928-0200/083 430 8967
Bojanala District:
Dr M.J. Paledi,
Tel.: (014) 590-4800/02 / 084 962 5370


download: Learner Registration Pamphlet

Author: tkhechane