Current Career Opportunities:

 Reference No  Name of Post Closing Date  Link
Circular No.28 of 2021 Vacant Circuit Manager Posts 31 Aug 2021 download
K33231/1 Deputy Director: Dispute Resolution 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/2 Deputy Director: Fraud and Anti-Corruption 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/3 Deputy Director: HR Management 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/4 Deputy Director: Expenditure Monitoring and Reporting 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/5 Deputy Director: Quality Life 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/6 Deputy Director: Occupational Health 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/7 Assistant Director: SHERQ 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/8 Assistant Director: Salary Payment and Taxation 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/9 Assistant Director: Paysheet Control and Financial Registry 03 Sept 2021 download
K33231/10 State Accountant 03 Sept 2021 download
K33038 Director: Security, Records Management & Auxiliary Services 02 July 2021 download
K32553/1 Director: Institutional Development Services 19 Mar 2021 download
K32553/2 Director: Organisational Development (OD) and Human Resource (HR) Planning 19 Mar 2021 download
K32553/3 Director: Security, Records Management and Auxiliary Service 19 Mar 2021 download
School Education Assistants & General assistants 17 Nov 2020 download
K31719 District Director – Bojanala District Services (Ref No: K31708) 03 Apr 2020 download
K31753 Chief Director: Physical Resource (Infrastructure) Management (Ref no. K31751/1) 09 Apr 2020 download
K31753 GIS Technologist: Sub-Directorate: Physical Resource and Facilities Planning (Ref no. K31751/2) 09 Apr 2020 download
K31406/1 Deputy Director: Office Support – Office of the HOD 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/2 BAS: Controller: Systems Control 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/3 Deputy Director: Accounting Services 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/4 Accounting Assistant: Expenditure Services 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/5 Assistant Director: HR Administration (Bojanala District) 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/6 Chief HR Officer: Personnel Provisioning and Utilisation Services (Bojanala District) 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/7 Assistant Director: Internal Control 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/8 Assistant Director: Inspection 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/9 State Accountant: Inspection Services (x2 Posts) 20 Dec 2019 download
K31404/10 Chief Accounting Clerk: Internal Control Services (x3 Posts) 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/11 Senior Legal Administration Officer (OSD): Litigation Support Services (Corporate) (x2 Posts) 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/12 Senior Administrative Officer: Litigation Support Services (Corporate) 20 Dec 2019 download
K31406/13 Administration Clerk: Legal Services 20 Dec 2019 download
K31375/1 Civil/Structural Engineer (OSD) 06 Dec 2019 download
K31375/2 Chief Quantity Surveyor: Programme Management (OSD) 06 Dec 2019 download
K31375/3 Electrical Engineer (OSD) 06 Dec 2019 download
K31375/4 Architect (OSD) 06 Dec 2019 download
 K31320/1 District Director – Ngaka Modiri Molema District Services (Mahikeng) 29 Nov 2019 download
 K31320/2 Quantity Surveyor (OSD) X 3 Posts – Mmabatho 29 Nov 2019 download
Cir 20 of 2019 Annexure of Posts 22/06/2019 download
Cir 36 of 2018 Sport Coordinators, Administrative Coordinator 14/12/2018 download
Cir 08 of 2018 PSA Staff Vacancy Circular 08 of 2018 16/03/2018 download
Cir 02 of 2018 PSA Staff Vacancy Circular 09/02/2018 download

General Instructions:

In terms of the Departmental Equity Plan, females and persons with disabilities will receive preference. The Department is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote gender and disability in the Department through the filling of this posts.
Candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote the aforementioned will receive preference. A clear indication in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications. Correctly completed and signed applications must be submitted on the new Z83 Form, obtainable from any Public Service Department and be accompanied by certified copies of formal qualifications, ID and comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (which must include a minimum of 3 referees).

Please note: It is a responsibility of a person in possession of a foreign qualification to furnish the Department with anevaluation certificate from South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
Applications with incorrect information and/or those received after the closing date indicated below will, as a rule, not be accepted.
Due to the large number of applications we envisage to receive, applications will not be acknowledged. You may, however, contact the relevant enquiries person to confirm if your application has been received. If you do not receive any response from us within 90 days of the closing date, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.
The Department reserves the right not to make any appointments to the advertised post.

Applications should be forwarded to: The Superintendent-General, Department of Education, Private Bag X2044, Mmabatho, 2735, for attention: Sub-Directorate: HRM-Recruitment Section, Auxiliary Services Building (Alternatively, Hand Deliver At The Main Gate-Old Mmabatho High Hostels), Chief Albert Luthuli Drive. Contact Numbers for further assistance,
tel. (018) 388 4102/4016/2088/2165

Do you need an Application Form? Download Z83 form//EDNW2 form