Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC) Awards

Theme “The power to improve education lies with all of us”.


The Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign is a national intervention intended to mobilise stakeholders to play a role in promoting a culture of teaching and learning in schools. (QLTC) strives to bring into reality the delivery of quality learning and teaching through a collaborative effort between stakeholders.

The Provincial Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign Steering Committee sampled and trained over 620 public schools from 2012 on a comprehensive campaign to achieve quality learning and teaching in all schools. Schools were capacitated on the following: 1. How to coordinate the establishment of school QLTC structures. 2. How to mobilise stakeholders that can contribute positively to achieve good education outcomes that are responsive to community needs and economic development and 3. The role of parents in the education of their children.


The Provincial Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign Steering Committee (PQLTC), in its endeavor to recognize good performance of the implementation of the campaign at the level of the school conceptualized and launched the 1st Provincial QLTC Awards in 2016. The objectives of the Department of Education and Sport Development through the QLTC Awards intends to:

School level structures will be hosting the Second QLTC Awards to acknowledge and motivate those stakeholders that are implementing the campaign to its expected outcomes.

  • Recognise and promote excellence in the notion of working together (Saamtrek Saamwerk) towards provision of quality learning and teaching.   
  • Recognize good performance in the implementation of QLTC principles by SQLTC, Sub District and District structures.   
  • Encourage synergy and matrix within the directorates of the department.   
  • Afford South Africans the opportunity to publicly say thank you to outstanding school-based, Sub-district and District QLTC structures and individual stakeholders who supported the  schools

The Provincial QLTC Steering Committee conceptualised and launched the first Provincial QLTC Awards in 2016. The objectives of the Ministry of Education through the National Teaching Awards intends to:   

  • Ensure that the citizen attention focus on positive contribution of stakeholder participation on education related matters.

The Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC) Awards are but one of the ways in which the Department of Education & Sports Development  acknowledges commitment of every citizen, the contribution of all stakeholders in their efforts to improve the quality of education for all children especially the poor and to demonstrate this improved quality through better learner achievement.

The Member of the Executive Council (MEC) Department of Education and Sport Development as the custodian of the QLTC Awards intends to have a Gala ceremony at provincial level on the 09th March 2018 at Maseru Entertainment Park in Lomanyaneng Village Mahikeng, where all the winners will be acknowledged and recognised for their excellence.

The QLTC categories of the awards are:

  1. Excellence in Primary School

  2. Excellence in Secondary

  3. Excellence in Multi Grade/Farm

  4. Excellence in Special

  5. Best QLTC implementing Sub District

  6. Best QLTC implementing District

  7. QLTC Champions

  8. Excellence in Volunteerism (Parental Volunteers)

  9. Excellence in Stakeholders Participation

  10. MECs Awards 

Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC)

The power to improve education lies with all of us. We call on all department officials, teachers, students, parents and community members to make a commitment to a ‘Code for Quality Education’.

This Code drives the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC), also launched in 2008. It is also a point of departure for the following vision of where we would like to be in 2025. Making sure that every young South African receives quality schooling is an urgent need. Yet we realise that this cannot be realised overnight.

Campaign co-ordinating structures have been set up at national, provincial, regional, local and school levels and Government now calls on all South Africans to join us in this campaign, as part of the ongoing effort to achieve a better life for all.

Through the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign the Department and its partners aim to make education a societal issue. Working together, as school communities, districts, provincial and national departments as well as other relevant

stakeholders, we will achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Agreement and the objectives set out in the Action Plan to 2014: Towards the Realisation of Schooling 2025.

It is crucial to mobilise and galvanise the entire nation to rally around the cause of the achievement of quality education for all. Thus the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign calls on all individuals and organisations to assume responsibility for improving the quality of education. The QLTC aims to mobilise all members of communities, both big and small throughout South Africa to heed the President’s call. QLTC structures will be established at all levels of the education system in order to ensure that all role players in the system adhere to the pledges they took to carry out their roles and responsibilities to the best of their abilities. It is only when each role player- official, principal, teacher and learner- carries out their role with dedication, motivation and commitment will we be able to achieve excellence in education.