Importance of principals

As the managers of our schools and key delivery agents in our education system, school principals are the most important partners in education. The biggest driver of better education outcomes is the school manager, the principal. School academic performance is highly correlated with the abilities and commitment of the principal.

Some of the things that successful principals do:

  • They hire qualified teachers, or ensure the training of the unqualified teachers on their staff.
  • Successful principals ensure distribution of workbooks and textbooks on time. This is critical to successful learning. It empowers pupils and helps to ensure that they complete the syllabus.
  • Successful principals check that teachers are in class teaching.
  • Successful principals monitor and evaluate the quality of learning with the children, and keep parents informed of their children’s progress.
  • Successful principals work with the community and the department to remove obstacles to learning.

Information for Principals

Advanced Certificate: Education (ACE programme)
Criteria for Recognition and Evaluation of Qualifications for Employment in education on Norms and S
Example of a Code of Conduct for a school
Guidelines for the rationalisation of small or non-viable schools
Guidelines for the use of Open Source Software in Schools
Information guide on initial teacher education
Integration guide book for Principals and Teachers
National Education Policy Act: Admission Policy for ordinary public schools (GG19377, Notice 2432)
National guidelines for school governing body elections
National Policy Framework for Teacher Education and Development in South Africa
National Protocol on Assessment for Schools in the General and Further Education and Training Band
NSNP:Guidelines for Secondary Schools
Presidential interaction with School Principals declaration
Safety in schools