Vacancy Circular: K34305 (34 Posts)

Closing date: 01 July 2022

General Instructions

In terms of the Department Equity Plan, females and persons with disabilities will receive preference. The Department is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote gender and disability in the Department through the filling of these posts.
Candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote the aforementioned will receive preference. A clear indication in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications. Correctly completed and signed applications must be submitted on the Z83 Form…


  • Deputy Director: Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Relations (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: (Gender and Disability Co-ordinator) (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Relations (x2 posts) (Corporate)
  • Deputy Director: Content Management and Media Liaison (Corporate)
  • Deputy Director: Internal Communication (Corporate)
  • Deputy Director: Records Management & Auxiliary Services (Corporate)
  • Database Administrator (Corporate) (DrKK) (DRSM)
  • Chief Document Security Officer (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Strategy and Planning (Corporate)
  • Senior Information Systems Designer/Analyst (Corporate)
  •  Assistant Director: Monitoring and Evaluation (Corporate)
  • Deputy Director: HRD (Training and Development) (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director PMDS (PSA Staff) (Corporate)
  • Internal Auditor (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Bursary Services (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Supply Chain, Asset & Transport Management (NMM) (DrKK)
  • Senior Work-study Officer (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Assessment Support (NMM) (DRSM)
  • HR Practitioner (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Human Resource Administration (NMM)
  •  HR Practitioner (Corporate)
  • Assistant Director: Financial Administration and Accounting (DRSM)
  • Principal HR Officer (Corporate)
  • Chief HR Officer (NMM)
  • Deputy Director: Corporate Support (Bojanala)
  • Senior State Accountant (NMM)
  • Chief Accounting Clerk (Bojanala)
  • EAP Practitioner (x4 posts) (1x DRSM)  (1x Bojanala, 1x Moretele, 1x Rustenburg)
  • Senior State Accountant (Bojanala)
  • Labour Relations Practitioner (DRSM)
  •  Data Technologist (Bojanala)
  • Principal HR Officer (Pension Benefits and Termination) (DRSM)
  • Librarian (DRSM)
  • National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) Field Worker ( x3 posts) (Bojanala District (Ramotshere Moiloa)) (DRSM)




Author: tkhechane