Festive message by MEC Ntsetsao Viola Motsumi

We are approaching the close of a thrilling year in Education – NW Province 2023. This year has been filled with a multitude of notable occurrences. We do feel confident that our schooling is headed in the right direction as we embrace the Christmas and end-of-year season with all the happiness, excitement, and genuine cheer synonymous with the culture.

We are constantly reminded of the values and qualities of serving humanity at Christmas. The spirit of Christmas encapsulates our dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of residents. Throughout this point in time, we experience an immense amount of generosity for every single one of the benefits in every aspect of our lives.

Christmas is a given moment to be content and compassionate. It serves as a reminder to share the message of compassion and tenderness during this distinctive period of year. We are periodically reminded of our overarching duty to uphold human rights and endorse peace. Let’s reach out to people who are less powerful and underprivileged than we are.

We are happy to send our seasonal salutations to all friends, colleagues, and social partners who have collaborated with the department in its strives to maintain exceptionally high standards for basic education. I also want to express my gratitude to Management, Teachers, Parents, Learners & other staff members at our school for support throughout 2023

We were able to accomplish our goal of offering innovative, high quality basic education thanks to your assistance throughout the year.

We appreciate all your help and encouragement, and we promise to collaborate even more closely with you all as we try to improve and provide High-Quality Education in a cost-effective manner.

I sincerely hope that Christmas is delightful for all of you and the ones you love. As we commence a new year, 2024. I am confident that you will all feel courageous, optimistic, and full of excitement.


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Author: tkhechane