Department Distributes SIM Cards to Boost E-Learning Access

In a bold move towards fostering digital inclusivity in education, the North West Department of Education together with MTN initiated this program. The MTN SIM card distribution started last year which benefited candidates. This strategic effort aims to promote e-learning and seamless integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in classrooms of Quintile 1 to 3 Schools.

The provision of SIM cards equips candidates with enhanced connectivity, enabling them to leverage digital resources to enrich their educational journey. Through this initiative, students gain unprecedented access to online learning platforms, educational resources, and research materials, thereby fostering a more dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Furthermore, recognizing the pivotal role of educators in this digital transformation, the North West Department of Education (e-learning unit) is committed to providing comprehensive training sessions for teachers. These training programs are designed to empower educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum. By equipping teachers with the tools to harness the power of connectivity, the department aims to revolutionize the learning landscape and unlock the full potential of e-learning.

The MEC for Education, Viola Motsumi indicated that the department is serious about bridging the digital divide.
“This initiative marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to democratize access to quality education,” stated MEC Motsumi.
“By providing students with SIM cards and empowering teachers with training, we are not only bridging the digital divide but also laying the foundation for a future-ready generation equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age”; said MEC Motsumi.
The principals are encouraged to retrieve the SIM cards and distribute to the current candidates.

In line with this commitment, the North West Department of Education, in collaboration with MTN, has commenced online app training sessions. The training, initiated with the NMM district, will extend to schools in the DR KK, Bojanala, and DR RSM districts on the following dates:
February 12th was held at Protea Hotel
February 15th, to be held at Rio Hotel in Klerksdorp
February 22nd, to be held in Rustenburg (Venue to be announced)
February 28th, to be held in Vryburg (exact venue to be announced).

These sessions will equip educators with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize digital tools and resources in the classroom.

The department extends its gratitude to MTN for their partnership in driving this transformative initiative and looks forward to the continued collaboration in advancing e-learning opportunities for all learners in the North West province.

Author: tkhechane