BOJANALA DISTRICT CELEBRATES 2019 NTA (National Teaching Awards)


The Platinum District Bojanala celebrated its annual NTA on Friday, 13 September 2019.

Teachers who excelled and won during the glittering event that was celebrated at Kgaswane Lodge, in Rustenburg, were:

  1. Ms E. De Kock, in Grade R Teaching, from Pansdrif Primary School in Madibeng,
  2. Ms A Richter in Primary School Teaching, from Protea Park Primary in Rustenburg Sub-District,
  3. Ms DM Masiloin Primary School Leadership, from Lekwakwa Pimary In Rustenburg Sub-District,
  4. Ms G Classen in Secondary School Teaching, from Fields College in Rustenburg Sub-District,
  5. Mr S Abdull in Secondary School Leadership, from Zinniaville Secondary in Rustenburg,
  6. Ms AM Pretorius in Excellence in Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning, from L/S Rustenburg North in Rustenburg,
  7. Ms CK Pilanein Excellence in Mathematics in Primary School Teaching, from Mafenya Primary in Rustenburg, Excellence in Physical Science Teaching,
  8. Ms MB Tshweu from Kutlwanong Primary in Rustenburg Sub-District Excellence in Special Needs and Inclusive teaching ,
  9. Ms AA Ismael from Rustenburg Sub-District in Zinniaville Secondary who won the category of Excellence in Natural Sciences, and
  10. Mr PAS Komane hailing from Bothibello Primary in Rustenburg,who claimed victory in Life Time Achievements .

The platinum District Acting Director Mr NM Thema in giving message of support to the participants, confirmed that the district is more than ready to give other provincial districts a serious run for the 2019 competition.

The district claimed the first position last year at the Provincial level by winning awards in most of the categories and that is going to happen again this year. Mr Thema explained that the district is not only ready for the 2019 Provincial Awards but will represent the Province in challenging all other Provinces, at National level. He further applauded Women for dominating the awards, with more winners hailing from Rustenburg Sub-District.

Some of the NTA winners for 2018 at District, Provincial and National level, Ms Olga Motshwanedi- Marimo, from Matale Secondary School, Ms Sulliman Farzama from Zinniaville Secondary School, Ms Lezanne De Beer from Sunrise View Primary School and Ms Arlene Holding fro Fields College, were also scheduled to share the best practice and the well organized strategy to win the 2019 NTA to the celebrants.

The key note speaker for the day, Professor Gumbo challenged the system by asking “what is it that the system is doing to sustain schools as thriving centers of excellence”. The Professor however, commented all three administrations of government of the former Presidents, to prioritized education as the key area of focus in shaping the future of the country. He further encouraged the celebrants to work hard not only for the awards but for the future of a South African Child, in particular. Professor Gumbo lastly applauded teachers for their dedicated work to produce good results and shape the child even in a tough teaching environment.

Author: tkhechane