Learner Registration – 2023

The South Africa Schools Act (SASA) 84 of 1996, Chapter 2, Section 3 makes provision for compulsory attendance for learners. Section 3 (1) mandates that every parent or guardian of a learner of school-going age is responsible for ensuring that the learner attends school from the first until the last day of the school year. This must take place until the learner reaches the age of 15 years or completes the ninth grade of schooling.
The North West Department of Education emphasises that learner registration should be concluded before the 2023 academic year begins. This will enable schools to be ready with resources and informed plans which will allow the smooth operation of school systems at the start of the year.
Learners may be registered at any conveniently situated public school, provided that space exist at the school. Learners residing near the school should be given first preference. Only the Head of Department can confirm and declare when the school is full.

download: Learner Registration form (2023)

Author: tkhechane