Vacancy: Corporate Centre (07 Posts)

General Instructions
Note: In terms of the Departmental Equity Plan, females and persons with disabilities will receive preference. The Department is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote gender and disability in the Department through the filling of these posts. Candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote the aforementioned will receive preference. A clear indication in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications.

The Applicant must fully complete all fields on the New Amended Z83 Form (81/971431) as prescribed with effect 01 January 2021, which must be signed, initialled on every page. The new Z83 Form must be accompanied by a recently updated and Comprehensive/Detailed Curriculum Vitae with competencies and experience, including three (3) names of contactable referees.

Closing date: 02 December 2022 (Applications must have reached the Department by 13h00 pm on the closing date, otherwise they will not be considered).


Author: tkhechane