The North West Department of Education, Professional Educator Development Services held a two-day Provincial Strategic Planning session from 29 November to 01 December 2023 at Orion Safari Hotel in Rustenburg.

The strategic planning was held under the theme “Strengthening implementation beyond compliance towards a performance culture”.

The primary purpose of the gathering was to review the results/outputs of the past and current financial year as the five-year plan period comes to an end soon. It is also to properly implement teacher development policies and procedures, discuss employee assessment processes, Reat GG strengthen the functionality of District Teacher Development Centres.

Ms Masego Senna, director of Professional Education assured participants at the strategic session that this strategy is going to benefit the province.
The Director of Teacher Development in Department of Basic Education, Mr Phillip Dikgomo, reminded officials (circuit coordinators, DTDC managers, Quality Management System, and Education Management Services, Performance Management Development System coordinators) of the policies in place.

He also spoke on the deliberate transition of Professional Learning from Professional Development. Furthermore, he alluded that foundation phase numeracy and reading, senior phase Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Economic Management Science are most needed to be looked into.

Ms Sibiya and Ms Matebana from DBE, Mr Malibe from SACE were also in attendance and presented on what the Department should focus on. Mr Goemeone Moseki, Deputy Director of Change Management encouraged teamwork and officials to embrace change.

Some of the way forward reached during the strategic planning session
– Expand access to learning opportunities for teachers – blended approach of training to reached out to more.
– Alignment of priorities, programmes and reporting – moving beyond compliance= culture of performance.
– Induction of all the newly appointed officials
– Intensify the QMS, EMS and PMDS implementation process – verification process

The session recommended that proper implementation of the way forward will yield positive results to learners in all schools across the province.

Author: tkhechane