The North West Department of Education wishes to clarify the confusion created by the North West Times newspaper that a 2022 Grade 12 learner from Leruntse Lesedi Secondary School in Makwassie near Wolmaranstad town has not yet obtained his results because the department declared him dead whilst he is still alive.

The department wants to set the record straight that the concerned learner received his matric results on the 27th January 2023, unlike other candidates who received them on 20 January 2023. The learner wrote his final examination from the beginning to the end with other learners and was resulted.

The North West Department of Education wishes to indicate that at the beginning of 2022 academic year in the Grade 12 class of Leruntse Lesedi Secondary School, there were two learners with close to similar surnames, unfortunately the other learner passed on May 2022 and the school reported the matter to the province for capturing. Due to human error the surviving learner was mistakenly deregistered at the level of Head Office instead of the deceased learner. However after being resulted the learner did well in 5 subjects and has considered writing the supplementary examination in June 2023 for the two subjects.

The MEC for Education, Viola Motsumi emphasized that the learner has registered to write the supplementary examination to improve his History and Geography results.

“I wish to express our extreme disappointment on the North West Times newspaper who decided to publish a story without giving the department a right to reply. We view this as an intention to create sensation which compromises journalism ethics.
As a department we invited the parent, learner and the principal to come to our offices to clarify this matter in January and all parties were satisfied with the explanation. The learner obtained good grades on five subjects and has registered to supplement 2 subject namely History and Geography to improve his performance”, said MEC Motsumi.

MEC Motsumi further highlighted that the department has sent officials to the family for psycho-social support.

The Leruntse Lesedi Secondary School will provide the learner with all the academic support he will need during this period.

For more information please contact:
Elias Malindi
Departmental Spokesperson
072 115 4855/072 892 8399

Author: tkhechane