The MEC for Education in the North West, Viola Motsumi has on Wednesday, 26 April 2023 engaged with the subcontractors of Tigane near Klerksdorp who are concerned by the slow pace in the supply chain processes towards completion of Tigane Secondary School.

The slow pace is a result of payment glitches among others thus delaying affording learners quality education.

Currently learners in this community are attending one high school, Gaenthone Secondary School, due to community migration to townships, it has resulted in overcrowding at Gaenthone.

In her interactions with Community Liaison Officer, school principal and SGB, Motsumi assured to expedite the process.

“It shouldn’t be the case that our learners’ chance in obtaining quality education has to be compromised by glitches unrelated to them. It cannot be that our learners’ dignity, and rights have to be compromised because of issues that can be sorted at corporate level. I take this time to reassure the school community of Tigane that a school will be afforded to them and learners will be moved to their new school of Tigane Secondary School as soon as possible.

“Ours is to address and attend to all infrastructural challenges. We want our learners to have a healthy learning environment which will give desired results”, Motsumi emphasised.

MEC Motsumi further committed to the community that before the end of this week the Acting Chief Finance Officer will convene a meeting with Public Works to address the issue of expediting the construction of Tigane Secondary School and report be given back to the contractor and consultants before the end of the week.

Learners are currently using a hybrid attendance model to accommodate overcrowding.

The department is attending to the water connection challenge on the temporary intervention of mobile classrooms which are placed at Kabelano Primary School.


For more info please contact:
Elias Malindi
Department Spokesperson
072 892 8399/ 072 115 4855

Author: tkhechane