MEC Viola Motsumi Hand-over new Relebogile Primary School to Swartdam Community

On the occasion of Workers’ Day, the North West Department of Education celebrates not only the contributions of the country’s labour force but also marks a significant milestone in education. This is marked by the handover of the newly constructed Relebogile Primary School in Swartdam village in the Moretele Local Municipality on Wednesday, 01 May 2024 as a testament to the Department’s commitment to provide quality education infrastructure.

The previous state of Relebogile Primary School was dire, with dilapidated structures unfit for learning. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that MEC for Education in the North West, Viola Motsumi announces the completion of this new facility, which will accommodate 369 learners as of Monday, 06 May 2024.

The new Relebogile Primary School boasts modern amenities, including an administration block, two Grade R classrooms, a playground, Grade 1-7 classrooms, a library, a media centre, a science lab, and a kitchen with a nutrition centre.

MEC Motsumi emphasized the importance of community stewardship in safeguarding this invaluable asset. She implored the Moeka community to stand as guardians against vandalism, ensuring that the school remains a sanctuary for knowledge and growth for generations to come.

“As we celebrate Workers Day, let us also reflect on the significance of education in shaping the future workforce of our nation. As much as the school is for learning, it is also a sanctuary for our workforce, which is the teachers, principal, administrators, guards and all in sundry. They deserve decent conditions of working as employees and it is our unwavering commitment to provide accessible and quality education for all and safe workspaces for our teachers.

“To the community of Swartdam village, our learners, your children will be occupying the school on Monday, the 06th. My plea is for you to safeguard the school against vandalism”, Motsumi expresses.

Among those who witnessed the school handover is the mayor of Motetele Local Municipality, George Manyike.

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Author: tkhechane