As winter camps are underway in 172 centres across the province, MEC for Education in the North West Viola Motsumi is pleased with the attendance and commitment of teachers and learners at a camp in Bethel High School in Coligny.

MEC Motsumi paid an unannounced visit to the Bethel camp on Monday, 10 July 2023 and shared her satisfaction with both subject advisors, teachers and learners at the school.
The camp accommodates seven high school learners under Coligny and Ditsobotla Local Municipality.

“Today I paid an unplanned visit to a winter camp at Bethel High School that houses 287 learners from schools around Ditsobotla. I must say, I am pleased with the attendance, and passion our teachers and subject advisors displayed in capacitating our learners in this revision program. Learners were on class and attentive. I have hope in the 2023 cohort to redeem the Department to it’s rightful top 3 spot at the end of the year. I am thankful to teachers for every sacrifice took during the camps”, said Motsumi.

MEC Motsumi will continue with the winter camp visits as follows:
*Part 1*

*Date: Tuesday, 11 July 2023*
*Camp: Setlopo High School, Mafikeng*
*Time: 08:00*

*Part 2*

*Camp: Barolong High School, Mafikeng*
*Time: 11:00*

Members of the media are invited to attend.

For more info, please contact:
Mphata Molokwane
Departmental Spokesperson
082 979 3638

Author: tkhechane