As concerns about the lack of school sports making the rounds, North West Department of Education MEC Viola Motsumi held a meeting with the North West Cricket Association on Thursday, 06 April 2023 at the North West University, Potchefstroom.

The primary objective for such a meeting is to revive sport in schools across the province. In many African communities Rugby and Cricket are viewed as sports for certain groups of communities whereas everyone can take part in them.

The MEC for Education, Viola Motsumi emphasized that one cannot talk about education without talking about sports.

“I am extremely concerned on how the education department is taking part in sports generally. I have observed that there is a lack of proper planning in matters of sports. It seems everything is always done on the eleventh hour. When we plan on time, that will allow parents to participate in our decisions.

“I will arrange for a meeting with the sports directorate to look at their programmes. You cannot talk about education and you don’t talk about sports.

“I will also arrange for a meeting with the Arts, Culture, Sports and Recreation MEC in order to discuss issues of school sports. It is our responsibility to ensure that we support sport to unravel new talent.

“I will really like to demystify notion that sports like rugby and cricket are only played by the elite and in affluent communities. That must come to an end through our partnership with the North West Cricket Association. We want to see these sporting codes being played in our rural areas”, said MEC Motsumi.

MEC Motsumi is expected to launch Wednesday School Sports on a date which will be communicated soon.


For more information please contact:
Elias Malindi
Departmental Spokesperson
Cell: 0728928399/0721154855

Author: tkhechane