On behalf of the North West Department of Education, MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela joins the world and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in sending special regards to it’s essential workers, the teachers as 05 October is reserved to celebrate International World Teachers’ Day.

This year’s theme says ” Working in solidarity with teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic” and it resonates well to unmatched efforts made by teachers beyond the classroom environment.

MEC Matsemela says this year’s Word Teachers’ Day is remarkable in that teachers were stretched out beyond their classroom calling and is gratified of all the efforts made.

“On behalf of Nort West team education, we are grateful for your hardwork that you displayed throughout the year.
More so that unlike other years, 2020 saw the world battling through making ends meet with the coronavirus and that includes the school fraternity.
We saw you our beloved teachers being stretched beyond your core. You diverted from the familiar classroom zone and we witnessed you making use of the digital space with resilience. All because of the thirst you have to empower minds of an African child from both the urban and rural side of the province. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your efforts made”, Matsemela expressed her gratitude.

Teachers too, felt the appreciation and recognition they receive from the department.

The department spoke to Mr. Raymond Rasesemola the principal of H. F. Tlou Secondary School who says ” Being a teacher is a calling more than a need to be appreciated. However, we know we are appreciated, valued and we feel happy to be recognised, especially working under extreme pressure as such Covid-19 to make sure we close the gaps and ready learners for final examinations. We are appreciated and we are thankful”.

Nolleen Holding, an outgoing principal if 20 years at Fields College also says
“Today is a wonderful day for teachers as we are honoured for the roles we okay in children’s lives. Our fulfilment comes in making sure we are inspiring and motivating learners. We develop their characters not just academically but we mold them to eventually become wonderful citizens to South Africa”.

On behalf learners, Cordelia Sepegen, a Grade 10 learner, from H.F. Tlou Secondary summed up the messages of appreciation to all teachers with a heartfelt message and she had this to say:
“To our teachers keep doing the work that you do because I know you sacrificed a lot for me. You sacrificed your time and social life and somehow don’t give up. I urge you to be strong. You are important.”

In South Africa the whole month of October is marked to celebrate teachers, those who are in the system, retired and passed on.

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Author: tkhechane