Following concerns by the Democratic Alliance (DA) against mismanagement of funds at Dirang ka Natla Comprehensive School in Khuma, the North West department of Education can confirm that it is aware of the allegations such that a team of investigators have been assigned to immediately attend to the matter.

Education MEC in the province Mmaphefo Matsemela condemns this practice and says it is really concerning that elements of criminality and/or corruption at the expense of tax paying citizens.

“I condemn financial mismanagement in our schools in the province and those found at the helm must face the full might of the law while internal appropriate and necessary steps should be taken without any waste of time. Our communities must also take a lead in reporting such acts of criminality. I wish to place it on record that it is not that my response is triggered by the matter raised by the DA in the publication but that it will be a responsible step for us to clear the air and dispel any misleading information spread to undermine democracy, and to confirm that all citizens must stand up against the ugly head of corruption and that serious action needs to be taken against any act of maladministration and theft without fear or favour”, said Matsemela.

She [Matsemela] further explained that “it truly cannot be right that we leave financial mismanagement unattended in this period of self reflection spearheaded by our President and government leaders . Once we hear about an irregularity or misconduct, it must receive the necessary and befitting attention”.

Once these allegations are confirmed, there is no doubt consequence management will follow and shall take place swiftly.

The department [North West department of education] wish to state that it will leave no stone unturned as it aims to curb cases of this nature off the education system. We also wish to encourage our school community, in this instance SGB, teachers and principals to always be vigilant to report such behaviour as it dents the department’s credibility to produce the best and positive attitude in the eyes of the public by giving our learners responsible lessons and valuable education for their future.

As the department we unshakably say that culprits under these circumstances must know that this is a serious matter which cannot be tolerated and that it will receive the necessary strict response, it is in these cases that once we have established a prima face case.

At the moment our internal investigations were invoked swiftly and we hope to receive a preliminary report that may suggest that we act without delay.

MEC Matsemela pleads with the public to treat the allegations as such and allow due processes and reporting to the police.

Issued by the Media Liaison Unit.
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Elias Malindi
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Author: tkhechane