The North West Education, MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela applauded the good gesture displayed by the members of the National South African Police Service by building 16 toilets at Dirang Primary School, Klipgat Township on Friday, 16 August 2019.

The expression of “Education is a societal matter” was practically displayed by members of the South African Police Service through their committee called “Women’s Network and Men for Change”. Through this committee the police officers donates money from their own salaries to change lives of the disadvantaged communities. They also rely heavily on donations as well as initiate fundraising activities such as fun walks for members to raise funds for such projects.

The committee normally identifies a centre which they adopt and support for a period of three years. Dirang Primary school was identified and adopted in 2016. Immediately they donated a vegetable garden, school uniforms and shoes to the learners. As the team frequented the school, they identified a need for the ablution facilities.

The South African Police Service, Deputy National Commissioner responsible for Human Resource Management – Lieutenant General Ngwenya highlighted that this was a great gesture of selflessness expressed by the police.

“This gesture of giving to the needy is teaching all of us about being selfless. Let’s all strive to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. We must learn that it should not be about me, but about the communities we serve. Even though the police are faced with a mammoth task of preventing crime. They are still good people, who are able to take care of other people.

“It does not matter in which position you are serving but we should follow on the footsteps of the former State President, Nelson Mandela. It is for this reason the South African Police Service got to correct the backlog of sanitation in schools”, said Deputy Commissioner – Lieutenant General Ngwenya.

The North West Education, MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela thanked the South African Police Service for their positive gesture.
“On behalf of the department and the community of Klipgat I want to thank SAPS for donating 16 ablution facilities to the learners of Dirang Primary school. This shows us that the police are just ordinary people like us. Here corporate governance is not in theory but in practice. The budget of the department is very little and it cannot cover all the backlog of infrastructure. We need to reciprocate the good gesture by ensuring that we will look after the facility”, said MEC Matsemela.

MEC Matsemela further indicated that infrastructure is one of the key priorities of the 6th Administration. She highlighted that the department will continue to build sanitation facilities across the province to restore the dignity of the African child.

The Chairperson of the School Governing Body, Kabelo Mokwena committed that as the school they will look after these toilets. He indicated that the school is not the responsibility of the SGB and teachers but a responsibility of everyone including parents.

Author: tkhechane