1. Deputy Director: HR Management
  2. Deputy Director: Quality of Life
  3. Deputy Director: Administrative Support and Co-ordination Office of the MEC
  4. Assistant Director: Media Liaison
  5. Assistant Director: External Communication
  6. Chief Language Practitioner
  7. Deputy Director: Occupational Health
  8. Deputy Director: Transport Management
  9. Deputy Director: Business Information Systems
  10. Assistant Director: Dispute Resolution
  11. Assistant Director: Conduct Management
  12. Deputy Director: Budget Planning, Management and Support
  13. Deputy Director: School Funding and Monitoring
  14. Assistant Director: (HRD)
  15. Assistant Director: Financial Administration and Accounting
  16. Assistant Director: HIV, TB and STI Management
  17. Assistant Director: Wellness Management
  18. Assistant Director: Finance (DORA Funding)
  19. Assistant Director: Performance Management,
  20. Assistant Director: School Funding and Monitoring
  21. Assistant Director: Transport Management
  22. Assistant Director: Assessment Support Division: Examinations and Assessment Administration
  23. Assistant Director: Loss Control
  24. Assistant Director: Supply Chain, Asset & Transport Management
  25. Chief Work Study Officer
  26. Internal Auditor: Risk and Compliance

General Instructions
In terms of the Departmental Equity Plan, females and persons with disabilities will receive preference. The Department is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote gender and disability in the Department through the filling of these posts.

Closing Date: 18th August 2023
(Applications must have reached the Office by 15h00 pm on the closing date, otherwise they will not be considered)


Author: tkhechane